Not one. Where is our Humanity?

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It was 90 degrees today and I have a chill I can’t shake. The body camera footage from the officers who first engaged with George Floyd was released this afternoon.  Read More >

Pennsylvania could do more to protect nursing homes from COVID-19

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Nearly 70% of COVID-19 deaths in Pennsylvania have been in long term care facilities (PA Dept of Health on May 8, 2020); in the last five days alone 883 residents in PA long-term care facilities have died.  Allegheny County has experienced 90 of these long-term care deaths, an 84% increase in the last two weeks. The older adults and people with disabilities who live in nursing homes are vulnerable and deserve protection. Read More >


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Don’t get me started; I can talk forever about the cute things my daughter said and did when she was small: Sam became “Ammy” when Katie was learning to talk; she couldn’t say “s’s very well. And Ammy he remains, even though his baby sister is now 12. I recently … Read More >

I spent the first half of my career, secretly afraid that I would get fired

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“Imposter syndrome” is not a new story. Much has been written about the relatively common experience among women of feeling like a fraud, but I didn’t know that in my 20’s and 30’s. Receiving regular praise, positive performance evaluations and increasing responsibility did nothing to allay my fear that I … Read More >

Pittsburgh philanthropies launch Disability, Inclusion, and Access to foster a better, more inclusive equity agenda

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In November, FISA Foundation and The Heinz Endowments launched Disability Inclusion & Access: Moving Forward.  We invited our grantees and foundation colleagues across the greater Pittsburgh area to explore “a better equity agenda,” one that includes the largest minority group in the world: people with disabilities. Read More >

A cigarette only changes your life if you’re Black

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Newsflash: Kids, especially teenagers, do things they aren’t supposed to do. But there is wide variation in the consequences of youthful, impulsive decisions. Take the example of smoking at school.  Plenty of kids get away with smoking – once or hundreds of times.  Some kids get reprimanded, lose privileges or … Read More >

If there ever was a silver bullet… it might look like this

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I was working at a rape crisis center in the early 2000’s, when the field of prevention was in its infancy.  I knew in my bones that the risk reduction strategies being sold to women (go out in groups, carry your keys, look in the backseat before you get into … Read More >

Retribution and Justice

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In the last several years, there have been nearly daily headlines about sexual harassment and assault perpetrated by high profile men Awareness of the pervasiveness of sexual assault is at an all-time high. But a majority of men still believe that victims are treated fairly when they disclose abuse and seek justice. This is far from the truth. The costs of reporting sexual harassment and abuse are very high for many victims. Most face some form of negative repercussion or retribution for disclosing.  Read More >