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Strategic Plan


FISA Foundation is proud to share our new mission statement, funding priorities, and strategic plan that will guide our work for the next five years.

This plan honors our commitment to improving the lives of women, girls, and people with disabilities while more intentionally addressing longstanding racial inequities to fully advance our mission.

Our new mission statement:

FISA Foundation champions equity, justice, safety and inclusion for women, girls, and people with disabilities, combatting systemic racism that impedes progress for these populations in southwestern Pennsylvania

FISA Foundation seeks to foster a community that is strong and vibrant, where all members are treated with dignity and respect, are safe and healthy, have fair access to opportunity, and are fully included. Over recent years we have:

  • Increased grantmaking that focuses on equity for women and girls of color.
  • Redesigned our process for disability funding to better address the inequities experienced by people of color with disabilities.
  • Convened our grantees to raise awareness about the intersection of disability, race, and gender and launched a webinar series to cultivate learning and catalyze change.
  • Continued to diversify our board and committee leadership, to reflect the communities we seek to serve.
  • Created a system of accountability metrics by which we will monitor and measure our progress.

Our work will continue to evolve as we live these commitments, guided by the perspectives of those who experience the most discrimination.  We will look forward to hearing from and learning with you.

Read the Plan

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Screen-reader friendly version: FISA Strategic Plan 2021 to 2026 accessible version

or the formatted version: FISA strategic plan 2021 to 2026

If you’re excited by what you read and are interested in applying for funding, you can click here to learn how to apply.