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Upcoming webinar: Cradle to Prison Pipeline

Children of color and children with disabilities are being suspended and expelled from early childhood education programs — childcare and preschool – in record numbers.  Many experts believe that this is the beginning of the “School-to-Prison Pipeline,” describing national trends of excluding Black kids and kids with disabilities from school, in middle school this often shifts to referring them into the juvenile justice system.   This process of exclusion begins even before kindergarten.

  • Child care center expulsion rates are 13 times more than K-12 rates.
  • State-funded pre-k programs expel children at three times the rate of K-12 schools.
  • Young children who are suspended or expelled are 10 times more likely to hold negative attitudes about school, drop out of high school, and face incarcerations.

Many families have experienced exclusion, but not known what to do about it.
Learn more in this upcoming webinar on March 10, which is part of the RACE + DISABILITY series.
Early Childhood Suspensions and Expulsions of kids of color and kids with disabilities webinar; March 10, 2022; 2-3:30pm ET. Part of the Race and Disability webinar series. Includes photo of preschool children having a snack.

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