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A national program to engage employers in addressing domestic violence as a workplace and workforce issue.

When someone is being abused by a partner, it often shows up at work.  Abusers frequently interfere with their partner’s ability to get to work on time, make them call off of work, interrupt them through incessant emails/texting/calls and stop by to monitor where they are and what they are doing.  More than half of survivors report having lost at least one job because of their abuser. 

 He may not know where she’s staying at night, but he knows where she works.

In this video, survivors speak about how domestic violence impacted their workplace. For some, work was the only place in their lives that they felt safe. If someone is being controlled and monitored by their partner, work may be the only opportunity someone has to access resources and get help. 

FISA’s support helped to launch and scale STANDING FIRM’s efforts to engage employers to Recognize the warning signs of abuse, Respond with support, and Refer employees to get free and confidential help through community-based services. 

STANDING FIRM can help employers to develop a plan to address partner violence, including assembling a leadership team, conducting an assessment, auditing and augmenting policies and implementing training.  Customizable virtual training is available, 

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