Recap of 2023 RACE + DISABILITY Webinars with Keri Gray

Recap of 2023 RACE + DISABILITY Webinars with Keri Gray
Image: Disability advocate Keri Gray, presenting during the RACE + DISABILITY webinar series.

In the fall of 2023, The RACE + DISABILITY program series returned after a hiatus with two webinars presented by Keri Gray, speaker, entrepreneur, and disability advocate. Acknowledging the lack of diverse voices in disability advocacy, The RACE + DISABILITY series focuses on issues most pertinent to people of color with disabilities, while uplifting the lived experiences of people of color with disabilities. The RACE + DISABILITY program series is co-sponsored by FISA Foundation, The Heinz Endowments, and The Pittsburgh Foundation.

The Fall 2023 RACE+DISABILITY webinars were not recorded. Read below for a recap of the content covered.

October 2023 Webinar Recap: Disability Inclusion and Intersectionality

“We understand that when folks from multiply marginalized backgrounds bring their full identities to work, it can bring stories and experiences that are both painful and powerful. It is critical that we are creating safe environments and developing the skillset to have conversations around race, disability, and intersectionality.”

Keri Gray, Disability INclusion and Intersectionality Webinar, october 2023

On October 3rd, 2023, Keri Gray presented the webinar “Disability Inclusion and Intersectionality”. The session covered how disability advocacy is connected to racial justice. Keri discussed how critical it is for organizations and leaders to have dialogue around race and disability, how these experiences intersect, and how they impact organizational culture. Through storytelling, Keri showed the audience how to build trust and safety within an organizational culture. Keri encouraged the audience to participate through the Zoom webinar chat, adding multiple perspectives to the conversation.

December 2023 Webinar Recap: Authentic Storytelling vs. Stereotyping

“If we know a person is sick, we will pity them. If we know a person went to an Ivy League University, we will think they are smart. If we know a family of drug dealers, then we will fear them. The stories that we tell hold power. What I want us to do is challenge the stories that are told about people with disabilities.”

keri Gray, Authentic Storytelling vs. Stereotyping Webinar, December 2023

On December 12th, 2023 Keri Gray returned to the RACE + DISABILITY series with a webinar titled “Authentic Storytelling vs. Stereotyping”. The webinar touched on how to identify and challenge one-dimensional stories about people with disabilities. In addition, Keri covered how to interrupt negative biases through authentic storytelling. The audience loved her charisma, and her ability to build community in a virtual setting is special. Overall, the stories shared by Keri and the audience allowed for rich conversation on diversity and inclusion that went beyond the surface.

A huge thank you to Keri Gray for her amazing presentations and facilitation! To learn more about Keri Gray, visit her website here.

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