Racial Wealth Gap Learning Simulation

Racial Wealth Gap Learning Simulation, includes decorative image of hands.The Racial Wealth Gap Learning Simulation was developed by Bread for the World to illustrate how structural racism has created the extreme economic inequality between white and Black Americans.  It is a good first step for people unaware of structural inequality, a support tool for those who want a deeper understanding of structural inequality, and a source of information for experts who want to know the quantifiable economic impact of each policy that has widened today’s racial hunger, income, and wealth divides.

The program explores thirteen federal policies that created structural inequality in homeownership, education, and overall economic opportunity.

FISA Foundation and United Way of Southwest PA believed this was such an effective tool that we commissioned a local consultant, LaTrenda Sherrill, Common Cause Consulting, to develop a virtual curricula and facilitate local simulations.  Sample feedback:

  •  “Before the simulation, I thought equality was a good goal.  But now I see why we need to focus on equity.”
  • “I wasn’t aware of these policies.  It was sobering to see the ways stolen opportunities piled up for Black participants, while white participants benefitted.”  
  • “The simulation truly illuminated how the wealth gap is deliberately created. I learned a lot.”

If you would like to bring this simulation to your agency or community group, you can:

  • Access the virtual interactive simulation guide developed by Common Cause Consulting, describing how to use technology to run your own interactive simulation on zoom using jamboards and powerpoint slides.
  • Access the curricula from Bread for the World, including step-by-step instructions on hosting an in-person simulation and a streamlined, simple virtual simulation for groups that have less sophistication with technology.  You can host your own simulation in person or online.
  • Hire Common Cause Consulting to facilitate a simulation for your group.  There is a modest fee for this program.*

FISA Foundation highly encourage all of our grantees and partners to commit to learning about systemic racism as a step towards addressing racial inequality in your own work.  This is a great tool!

* Note: If your agency has received funding from FISA Foundation and you would like to host a facilitation but cost is a barrier, please contact us to request a sponsorship. 

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