New Research on the Impact of COVID-19 on Girls

One of FISA Foundation’s grantees, Ruling Our eXperiences, Inc. (ROX) focuses on creating generations of confident girls who are in control of their own relationships, experiences, decisions and futures. Recently, ROX released data from a national survey of 5th-12th grade girls: Findings from 1,273 U.S. Girls on School, Technology, Relationships & Stress Since COVID-19
Key findings:

  • Girls are experiencing newfound fear about their futures since the onset of COVID-19. Over half (52%) of girls are thinking differently about their futures since the start of the pandemic, with nearly 60% reporting fear or uncertainty regarding what the future will bring.
  • Loneliness and isolation are negatively impacting teen girls at alarmingly high rates. Most girls (80%) are more lonely and isolated since the onset of COVID-19, and a full one-third are much more lonely/isolated.
  • COVID-19 markedly amplified the stress levels of teen girls. Nearly half of high school girls report experiencing higher stress levels than before the pandemic with 42% reporting that their life is harder than it was before.

Download the COVID + Girls Research Brief or listen to a 45-minute webinar featuring ROX Founder and head researcher, Dr. Lisa Hinkelman sharing the findings and strategies on how we can best support the future of girls.

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