NEW REPORT: Employers Address Partner Violence In the Workplace

NEW REPORT: Employers Address Partner Violence In the Workplace

Recently, FISA Foundation, United Way, STANDING FIRM and Southwest PA Says No More convened civic, corporate and community leaders for the 2022 Leadership Breakfast to Prevent Domestic Violence to discuss how domestic violence can be identified and addressed in the workplace.  

Leaders in attendance discussed the many ways that Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) impacts their employees and workplaces. The leaders viewed the premiere of “Survivor’s Speak”, a short film in which five survivors of IPV share how IPV impacted their lives and followed them to their place of work. Attendees then split into smaller groups and reviewed a “Roadmap for Action.” Facilitators guided group members through a deep dive into the issues affecting the workplace and shared successful approaches.  Each employer developed their own plan to build a more effective organizational response to support employees experiencing an abusive relationship. 

The report, Leadership Event 2022 Final Report, features the employer roadmap of action steps with the added benefits of the insights, questions, and analysis from roundtable participants and survivor attendees. The goal of this report is to serve as a guide for local workplaces in the coming year.

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