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Southwest PA Says NO MORE

We have a responsibility to believe that abuse is not inevitable. But preventing abuse requires a coordinated community response.  FISA co-convenes Southwest PA Says NO MORE, a regional effort to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault. 

Southwest PA Says NO MORE was founded to strengthen the community of individuals and organizations working to prevent gender-based violence.  FISA Foundation, United Way and STANDING FIRM collaborate to support the initiative, and many organizations from across the region, including Children’s Hospital of UPMC, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape, Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, YWCA Greater Pittsburgh, Women’s Law Project, Jewish Community Center of Pittsburgh,  among others participate in programs and activities.

You can learn more about this initiative on the website.

Southwest PA Says NO MORE convenes corporate and community leaders to address the impacts of intimate partner violence on the workplace. We recently hosted the 9th annual Leadership Breakfast to Prevent Domestic Violence, in which STANDING FIRM shared a riveting video of survivors speaking about how abuse impacted them at work.  Employers strategized about responding to employees who are experiencing abuse at home.  This convening led to the production of a new report, Employers Addressing Partner Violence In the Workplace, which provides a roadmap for companies who want to take steps to address these issues. 

We should not let ourselves feel helpless about issues like these, when we can have an impact and make our communities safer. 

Kristy Trautmann, executive director, FISA Foundation

Father’s Day Pledge

For many years Southwest PA Says NO MORE has hosted the annual Father’s Day Pledge event, now known as the NO MORE Pledge.  Every year we invite men and women to speak out against domestic violence and sexual assault by taking and then living the Pledge.    

I Pledge To

  • Not use violence of any form in my relationships.
  • Speak up if I witness harassment or abusive behavior.
  • Take reports of abuse seriously and support survivors.
  • Mentor and teach young people to have safe, mutually respectful relationships.
  • Work to end all forms of violence. I will lead by example.

Sign the Pledge and join our community in taking a stand against violence.

Coaching Boys Into Men

Together, we also work to invite high school athletic coaches to talk to their athletes about healthy relationships using the Coaching Boys Into Men program.  Young men who complete the 12 week program as part of team sports are less likely to engage in sexual harassment, sexual assault or relationship abuse, and more likely to intervene when they witness controlling or abusive behavior.