CULTURAL HUMILITY (vs Cultural Competency) 

CULTURAL HUMILITY (vs Cultural Competency) 

Join an exclusive pilot opportunity to learn more and share with colleagues on your DEI journey.

Cultural Humility was one of our most popular webinars in the Race + Disability Series. This is a helpful framework to cultivate inclusivity among staff, board, volunteers, consumers, and other stakeholders. Do you want to learn more and have access to easy tools for sharing this with others at your organization?  Sign up to join a time-limited, exclusive online learning opportunity!

What is cultural humility?

Cultural humility is the willingness to accurately assess oneself and one’s limitations, the ability to acknowledge gaps in one’s knowledge, and an openness to new ideas, contradictory information, and advice as it relates to culture and equity. Additionally, cultural humility is important to develop as it fixes power imbalances and is the foundation to developing genuine and authentic relationships. 

Cultural competency implies that you’ll get it right, cultural humility provides a framework for ongoing learning and improvement, especially when you make mistakes.

What is this virtual learning opportunity?

To further your knowledge and skills, we are pleased to announce the collaboration with Dr. Channing L. Moreland, Founder and Lead Consultant at CLM Consulting. We will be offering organizations the opportunity to be a part of an online membership community that will offer a cultural humility learning guide, access to cultural humility educational videos, additional cultural humility resources and frequent updates on continuing education training opportunities and workshops. 

This sounds great! How do I participate?

Sign up here, and we’ll send you a link to a virtual learning community on Cultural Humility.  You’ll get online access for six months. You can use these tools and resources to advance your own learning, and to share it with colleagues though a short curriculum and videos.

How do I watch the full recording of the Cultural Humility webinar?

View the recording of the webinar on Cultural Humility

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