Race, disability, poverty and hunger in 2021

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The local statistics about poverty and hunger are sobering: 1 in 5 Pittsburgh residents has food insecurity, and 1 in 3 Black residents of Pittsburgh lives in a food desert. People with disabilities are three times more likely than others to live in poverty. The rates of disability are higher in communities of color: 1 in 3 Black Pittsburghers has a disability. Read More >


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To promote greater understanding of the intersection of racism and ableism, FISA Foundation is partnering with the Heinz Endowments to offer: The RACE + DISABILITY webinar series Disability is a common human experience, 20% of Americans have some type of disability.  Many disabilities are hidden (such as mental health, intellectual … Read More >

Black History Month: Attend a Racial Wealth Gap Learning Simulation!

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In honor of Black History Month, FISA Foundation invites our grantees and partners to participate in a Racial Wealth Gap Learning Simulation. As we work to address racial inequities in our communities and our organizations, it is important to understand that racism is not primarily a problem of personal beliefs … Read More >