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NEW!  Inside-out work: Embedding equity in organizational culture

May 26, 2021; 2-3:30ET

In recent years, many organizations have expressed a commitment to racial equity and justice and taken important first steps. Truly integrating this commitment into the fabric of a nonprofit’s mission takes leadership, intentionality, and tangible, practical work. The journey requires authenticity, vulnerability and a willingness to make mistakes, learn and do better. Please join us for this conversation between Michelle McMurray, Vice President of Program and Community Engagement at The Pittsburgh Foundation and Tricia Gadson, CEO of Macedonia FACE about what it takes to embed equity into your organizational culture.

Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline for Students of Color and Students with Disabilities

June 8, 2021; 2-3:30 ET

In schools across the United States, Black students and other student of color are being harshly punished, arrested and issued citations at school for behavior that is not very different from white students. Students with disabilities are being excluded from the classroom through suspensions and expulsions and referred to the police for manifestations of their disabilities. And students of color who have disabilities experience compounded harms of racism and ableism in schools.

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