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New Toolkit Will Help Organizations Hire People with Disabilities

With support from FISA Foundation, Goodwill of Southwestern PA has undertaken an initiative to increase employment of people with disabilities by promoting employers’ compliance with Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Section 503 mandates that employers with federal contracts or subcontracts that exceed $10,000 take affirmative steps to recruit, hire, accommodate, and retain qualified individuals with disabilities. Although this legislation has been in effect for decades, new rules were recently put into place to set quotas and strengthen enforcement. Federal contractors are now required to track and report on progress toward a goal that seven percent of their workforce at all levels of the company include people with disabilities.
To make it simpler to navigate through the details of the legislation and understand how the requirements affect them, Goodwill has developed the ProfitABILITY toolkit, a free, comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide. While it is geared toward employers who are considered to be federal contractors under the legislation, the toolkit can help any organization implement best practices for recruiting, hiring, retaining, and advancing workers with disabilities.
To get your free copy of the ProfitABILITY toolkit go to:
And to download the newly released quick reference guide go to

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