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FISA Foundation’s message to our grantees about COVID-19

These are unprecedented, difficult times. The news about the Coronavirus progression continues to evolve, and there is much that we still don’t know. We recognize that your organization’s important work is dramatically affected, and that you are deeply concerned about your mission, your staff and volunteers, and the clients and participants that you serve. We also imagine that it’s difficult to plan and project finances when the environment is fluid and when state and federal relief efforts are not yet formulated.
For now, we want you to know that we’re thinking about you and are committed to being a good partner. We intend to be flexible about deadlines and understand that you may need to reformulate the services and activities covered by FISA’s funding. When you’re ready to discuss your plans, we’ll be ready to hear them and, if needed, to adjust the terms of your grant.
We will check in with you periodically, but please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have ideas for how we can help or support you. Our team is working remotely, so email is the best and quickest way to reach us.

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