Black History Month: Attend a Racial Wealth Gap Learning Simulation!

In honor of Black History Month, FISA Foundation invites our grantees and partners to participate in a Racial Wealth Gap Learning Simulation.
As we work to address racial inequities in our communities and our organizations, it is important to understand that racism is not primarily a problem of personal beliefs or biases. Racism has been part of American life for hundreds of years. Some of the inequities that we live with today were created and supported by federal policy. This interactive experience explores the structural nature of racism, as a first step in creating a more inclusive community.
FISA Foundation recognizes that addressing racism is an integral component of our mission to improve the lives of women, girls, and people with disabilities. Please join us so we can learn together and continue to strengthen our work at the intersection of gender, disability and race.
Register today for one of these four FREE virtual learning opportunities:

  • Tuesday, February 9; 11:30am-1:30pm ET
  • Wednesday, February 10; 10:00-12:00pm ET
  • Wednesday, February 17; 10:00-12:00pm ET
  • Wednesday, February 24; 10:00-12:00pm ET

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