New video: Abuse of people with disabilities

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People with disabilities are abused at least three times more often than people without disabilities.  This includes a broad range of physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, and financial exploitation.  But rarely do people with disabilities get the education they need to recognize abuse or know what to do.

monitor showing a behind the scenes image of the making of Abuse: There is Support videoThree of FISA’s grantees recently collaborated on a short video to be used to start conversations about abuse.  East Suburban Citizen Advocacy provides advocacy and builds inclusive communities for individuals with developmental disabilities; Blackburn Center provides free and confidential services to victims of abuse; and Evolve Coaching provides individualized support to neurodiverse college students and young adults through education, employment, and the arts.  This video, Abuse: There is Support, was developed with input from people with disabilities, actors had disabilities and many members of the crew are disabled.

We’re excited to share a few behind-the-scenes photos from the production of  Abuse: There is Support. Each image shows actors, camera and sound operators, lighting, director and crew and many of them are autistic or have other disabilities.

behind the scenes image of the making of Abuse: There is support video, includes actor, filmmaker, lighting and sound tech and directorbehind the scenes photo of filming, including actors, director, camera operator and crew of Abuse: There is Support

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