A Silent Majority Helps No One

Just a few weeks ago, FISA held a focus group of local high school girls to ask them about sexual harassment at school. These are things they reported happening every day: catcalling, spreading of sexual rumors, jokes and comments about girls’ appearance, being touched inappropriately, sexting. In their high schools (public, private and parochial), there is a culture where young men get laughs and approval from their friends for treating girls like objects, or worse. The comment that stayed with me the most was, “Guys trade nude photos of girls like Pokemon cards.” Read More >

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Healthcare Reform and People with Disabilities

FISA's executive director, Kristy Trautmann, was invited by the Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee to testify about the importance of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid on the 1.7 million PA residents with disabilities. She began with this: The Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania and numerous other advocacy groups agree that “the Affordable Care Act has been the most significant law to promote health and well-being of people with disabilities since the Americans with Disabilities Act.” Read More >

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